GE Renewable Energy selected by European Energy to supply 34 Cypress onshore wind turbines for three wind farms in Lithuania

European Energy will operate a total of 56 GE wind turbines in Lithuania at six wind farms, representing a total of 308 MW.
GE Renewable Energy announced today that it has been selected by European Energy as the supplier for three additional wind farms in Lithuania, two in Telsiai and one in Rokiskis, in the northern part of the country. The 187 MW project, which will use 34 GE Cypress onshore wind turbine units, strengthens the partnership between the two companies which will now operate a total of 56 Cypress units in the country after an earlier order for 22 turbines at three wind farms announced in November 2020. The six wind farms will have a total capacity of 308 MW, adding 57% of green power capacity to the country’s current wind power production. The deal also includes a 25-year full-service contract.

European Energy will operate the Cypress turbines at 5.5 MW, with a rotor diameter of 158m and blades provided by LM Wind Power, a GE Renewable Energy business. All turbines will be erected on a 151m tower. The installation of the wind turbines on the first three projects announced in November 2020 will take place in H2 2021 while the next three announced today will be installed in 2022. Earlier this year, European Energy started the construction of its first wind farm in Lithuania at Anyksciai with a capacity of 49.5 MW.

Knud Erik Andersen, CEO of European Energy, said: “The expansion of renewable energy in Lithuania is something that we are honored to be a part of. Renewable energy provides Lithuania with affordable and green energy that can bolster Lithuania’s energy security, and we are happy to partner with GE on several of our windfarms in Lithuania. Lithuania is aiming to have 100% of its electricity come from renewable sources in 2050, and we will do ours to make that ambition come true.”

Sheri Hickok, GE’s CEO of Onshore Wind International, commented: “We’re delighted and excited to partner again with European Energy on three new projects that will bring additional clean, affordable, renewable energy to Lithuania. With European Energy, we have built a very strong relationship in Lithuania and in multiple countries to accelerate the energy transition and drive energy costs down.”

According to the Lithuanian wind power association, Lvea, Lithuania has set the goal to produce 100 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable sources by 2050. There are currently 23 wind parks operating in Lithuania with a combined capacity of 480 MW. Together with the individual wind turbines, there is a total of 540 MW of wind power installed today. GE Renewable Energy’s Cypress turbine enjoys a growing position in the country with three major orders booked within the last 3 months, including today’s announcement.

The Cypress onshore wind platform enables significant Annual Energy Production (AEP) improvements, increased efficiency in service ability, improved logistics and siting potential, and ultimately more value for customers. The two-piece blade design enables blades to be manufactured at even longer lengths, improving logistics to drive costs down and offer more siting options in locations that were previously inaccessible.