Success for RWE in German onshore wind power auction

  • RWE wins bid for 17 MW wind farm in Lower Saxony / Start of construction planned for 2022
  • Realisation of one additional 5.7 MW wind turbine for a local, citizens-owned company

Once again a success for RWE in a German auction for onshore wind energy: In Lower Saxony RWE’s Sanbostel-Bevern wind farm was awarded a subsidy by the German Federal Network Agency. Wind turbines from the manufacturer Nordex, and each with a capacity of 5.7 megawatts (MW), will be installed at the site, which is located in the district of Rotenburg. Three turbines with a total installed capacity of 17.1 MW will be owned by RWE. A fourth turbine is also planned at this location, and which has been developed and will be installed by RWE on behalf of a local citizens-owned company. Construction of the entire wind farm is scheduled to begin next year. Once fully operational, the four wind turbines will be capable of producing enough green electricity to supply the equivalent of more than 15,500 households.

According to the German Federal Network Agency, the total tender volume for the entire auction was 1,243 MW. 137 bids were submitted with a combined volume of 1,161 MW. The tender for onshore wind energy, and which has a bidding deadline of 1st May 2021, was slightly undersubscribed. As a result, awards were made to 127 bids with a bidding volume of 1,110 MW. The average, quantity-weighted award price was 5.91 ct/kWh – and thus below the average, quantity-weighted award price of 6.00 ct/kWh of the preliminary auction.

RWE is expanding its renewables portfolio in Germany

RWE already operates onshore wind farms with a capacity of more than 550 MW (pro rata view) in Germany. The portfolio is being continuously expanded. Currently, the company is constructing the Jüchen onshore wind farm (27 MW) in collaboration with NEW Re and the city of Jüchen. Six wind turbines are being installed on recultivated land, which was previously part of the Garzweiler opencast mine. Commissioning is planned later this year. In addition, RWE is currently building the Evendorf wind farm (11.7 MW) in Lower Saxony and the Krusemark repowering project (19.8 MW) in Saxony-Anhalt. Both projects were successful in German Federal Network Agency tenders last year. In addition, RWE’s Kaskasi Offshore Wind Farm (342 MW) is currently being built 35 kilometres north of the island of Heligoland. RWE is also pushing ahead with innovative hybrid projects, such as a photovoltaic plant with battery storage in the Inden open-cast mine. The battery storage system will serve as a buffer between solar electricity generation and the supply network so that the power feed-in can be even better matched to demand.

“The Sandbostel-Bevern wind farm will further strengthen our German onshore portfolio. Through this project, we are underlining how the energy transition in Germany can be successfully driven forward together – thanks to local cooperation. We feel a special affiliation with our home market. From 2020 until 2022, we are planning to invest around one billion euros net to grow our renewables portfolio in Germany.”

Katja Wünschel, COO Wind Onshore & Solar PV Europe & APAC of RWE Renewables