Political will is needed to double wind power capacity in Mexico

The Mexican Wind Energy Association (Amdee) pointed out that Mexico could double its installed capacity in this type of energy in less than 5 years; however, it takes will, legal certainty and respect for the laws.
The president of the Amdee, Leopoldo Rodríguez, said during his participation in Mexico WindPower 2021, that today there is no certainty for the projects that would allow doubling this capacity and highlighted the important growth that the country had in renewable in previous years.
“We know what can be achieved. It has been achieved to a large extent because in many years there has been legal certainty and long-term respect for the law. What do we need for this to continue and to grow in the future? Well, to maintain that legal certainty and visibility in the plans, “he said.
Leopoldo Rodríguez said that there was a planning that allowed to see the potential of new projects 15 years ahead, as well as an interest in manufacturing in the country, but it is necessary to have an anchor of national demand, since the interest in exporting is not enough to justify the investment in a manufacturing plant.
“Today we are in a deep questioning of our sector, we are of course open to have a deep dialogue about what is convenient and what the country requires, but we need rules and transparency.”
The president of the association said that the world is being electrified and the growth path of the wind sector in Mexico has been unstoppable from 2010 to date and in this 2021 there will still be some growth, but the unknown remains that it will happen in the future .
“The projects are there, we have the potential to reach at least 15 thousand megawatts in our country, our population aspires to a healthier, cleaner environment, a better electricity rate and of course to generate more jobs. Our technology can contribute a lot to this “.