Ørsted signs a PPA wind power agreement with Nucor

Nucor will purchase energy from the Western Trail onshore wind farm, currently under construction and expected to be operational later this year.

Nucor, a steel manufacturer, has signed a long-term agreement to purchase energy from the 367 MW wind farm in Texas.

“Western Trail will utilise Nucor steel, demonstrating our ability to develop multilateral supply chain relationships,” said Vishal Kapadia, Senior Vice President and Onshore Chief Commercial Officer at Ørsted. “It’s great to partner with Nucor in their efforts to improve the environmental sustainability in the steel industry.”

The 130-turbine Western Trail wind farm will provide long-term financial returns in the form of increased property tax to the Wilbarger County community and three independent school districts.

“As one of the most sustainable steelmakers in the world, we’re excited to support the Western Trail wind project, which will help us in our efforts to shrink our climate footprint even further beyond our operations,” said Leon Topalian, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nucor Corporation. “We’re also proud that Nucor steel is being used to build this wind farm. It only makes sense to use recycled steel to build our renewable energy infrastructure.”

Ørsted has now signed two power purchase agreements for the generation at Western Trail Wind – the first was with PepsiCo.