Naturgy’s wind power in Castilla y León produced more than 1,126 GW of energy in 2020

The company has 21 wind farms in the Community in the provinces of Burgos, León, Palencia, Valladolid and Zamora, with an installed capacity of more than 550 MW.
The wind energy generated by these nine renewable facilities has avoided the emission into the atmosphere of 891,687 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere and has a greenhouse effect, and has made it possible to displace other sources of electricity generation.

Naturgy currently has 21 facilities in operation in Castilla y León, which between January and December 2020 produced 1,126 gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of some 441,570 homes. Ratio calculated from an average consumption per household of 2,500 KWh

Thanks to the energy produced by these 21 wind farms over the past year, the use of other sources of conventional electricity generation has been displaced, helping to reduce polluting and greenhouse gas emissions by 891,687 tons.

Of the wind power facilities that Naturgy has in operation in Castilla y León, four are located in the province of Burgos. La Sia, Montejo, Montejo Ampliación and Montija produced more than 184 GW. The energy produced by this park is equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 73,500 homes and has prevented the emission of more than 145,710 tons of polluting and greenhouse gases.

The wind farms of Valdesacasa and Valdelín, in the province of León, generated 7.9 GW, which is equivalent to the consumption of 3,180 homes and thanks to which it was possible to avoid the emission of more than 6,200 tons of polluting and greenhouse gases .

In the province of Palencia, Naturgy has a wind farm, located in the municipality of Fuentes de Valdepero, which generated 74.4 GW last year. This energy is equivalent to that consumed by about 30,000 homes and has managed to avoid nearly 59,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Wind farms located in the province of Valladolid were the ones that generated the most energy in 2020. In total, the 7 complexes produced 523.6 GW. Mirabel, San Blas, Teso Pardo and Torozos A, B and C avoided about 415,000 tons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and created energy equivalent to 209,464 homes.

In Zamora, Naturgy has 7 parks (El Hierro, El Hierro Ampliación, La Vega I, La Vega II, Montamarta, Nerea and Peñarroldana). Its production in 2020 has been 335 GW, energy equivalent to the consumption of 134,200 homes and more than 265,000 tons of greenhouse gases avoided from the atmosphere.

Naturgy has become one of the leading investors in clean technologies in Spain with more than 100 installations in 9 autonomous communities and an installed power of 1,973 MW, of which 1,561 MW belong to wind energy, 111 MW to mini-hydro, 250 Mw to photovoltaic and 51 MW to cogeneration and other energies.