Russia: Launch of a study on the wind power market

As of early 2021, more than 1 GW of wind power plants are in operation in Russia, more than 700 MW of which was commissioned in 2020, despite all the difficulties and restrictions caused by the new COVID-19 pandemic. The year 2020 can be considered the year of formation as regards Russian wind power generation as, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous industrial wind power plants were put into operation for the first time. But: Unlike many countries around the world, in which the pandemic has accelerated the energy transition and increased interest in renewable energy, the pandemic has not resulted in any positive long-term strategic implications for the energy sector in Russia.

In this event, Tatiana Lanshina, author of the study, presents the main obstacles to the development of wind energy in Russia and how they can be overcome. Promising new market niches, such as the production of green hydrogen, will also be presented and their potential in Russia will be explored in more detail.REGISTER HERE FOR FREE

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