Capital Energy buys the wind turbines of its Buseco wind power plant from Siemens Gamesa

This renewable energy plant, located in the municipalities of Tineo, Villayón and Valdes, will have an installed wind power of 50 megawatts (MW) and its development will involve an investment of about 51 million euros.
The 10 wind turbines of this first Capital Energy wind farm in Asturias, of the SG 5.0 – 132 model of 5 MW of unit capacity, will be capable of supplying clean energy to almost 54,000 homes and will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of more than 51,600 tons of CO2 per year. Buseco, whose civil works is already being executed, will promote the creation of up to 280 jobs and will have an annual economic impact on local coffers, as well as through leasing contracts, of about 287,000 euros

Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company born in 2002 and whose vocation is to become the first 100% vertically integrated renewable operator on the Iberian Peninsula, continues to take steps to strengthen the development of its clean energy project in Asturias with the acquisition of wind turbines from its first wind farm in the Principality: Buseco.

The company has just closed with Siemens Gamesa the contract for the sale of the 10 machines that will equip this renewable energy installation, of the SG 5.0 – 132 model of 5 megawatts (MW) of unit power. These aerosols, the most powerful installed to date in Asturias, have a diameter of 132 meters and a hub height of 84 meters.

It should be noted that a large part of the wind turbines will be built in various factories that this supplier has in Spain: the 10 nacelles will be assembled at the Ágreda plant (Soria), the multipliers will be produced at the Asteasu (Guipúzcoa) facilities. , Lerma (Burgos) and the city of Burgos and the electrical components, in the factories of Reinosa (Cantabria), San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and Benisanó (Valencia).

In parallel, Capital Energy and Siemens Gamesa have signed a complete after-sales service agreement for the monitoring and preventive and corrective maintenance of these machines for a period of 20 years, extendable for another five years.

Following the signing, Juan José Sánchez, Business CEO of Capital Energy, pointed out that “it is a satisfaction for us to be able to seal such a relevant contract with one of the most important suppliers of wind turbines in the world. This agreement with Siemens Gamesa, which I am sure is only the first of many more to come, represents a new milestone in the fulfillment of our business plan, with which we continue to promote a fair and ecological energy transition ”.

Roberto Sabalza, CEO of Onshore for the Southern Europe and Africa region of Siemens Gamesa, has indicated, for his part, that “the contract that we announced today is especially important for us because it is the first that we signed with our new client, Capital Energy, which is undoubtedly one of the most active players and with the greatest potential in the wind industry in Spain. I am convinced that we will reach many more agreements and that together we will contribute to making renewable energy advance strongly in Spain ”.

This first Capital Energy renewable energy plant in the Principality of Asturias will have a total power of 50 MW and its construction, which is already underway with the execution of civil works, will involve an investment of about 51 million euros.

The 10 wind turbines at the Buseco wind farm will be capable of supplying 129,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean energy per year, equivalent to the consumption of nearly 54,000 homes in the region, and will also avoid the annual emission into the atmosphere of more of 51,600 tons of CO2.

This Capital Energy park, whose start-up is scheduled for mid-2022, will lead to the creation of more than 280 direct jobs during the peak periods of its construction. Likewise, in the operation and maintenance phase, it will provide permanent employment to 10 professionals in the area.

On the other hand, the installation will have an annual economic impact on local coffers (IBI and IAE), as well as through leasing contracts, of more than 287,000 euros. To this recurring amount are added the one-off payments of the ICIO, which has amounted to 1.14 million euros, and various rights of way (251,000 euros).

More than 30 renewable projects in the Principality

From its headquarters in Oviedo, Capital Energy develops 31 renewable energy projects, totaling 1,200 MW of power, in the Principality of Asturias. More than half are located in locations within the so-called areas of influence of the just transition agreements, which are being particularly affected by the closure of various thermal power plants. In addition to wind farms, the company is committed to developing adjacent integrable projects based on energy storage and green hydrogen production.

The construction, start-up and subsequent operation of this portfolio could generate about 6,400 annual jobs in the construction phase and around 230 jobs in the generation phase, as well as potential income in the regional and municipal coffers of more than 40 million euros during the execution of the works and more than 6 million euros per year throughout the useful life of the facilities. Likewise, the entry into operation of these projects would avoid the annual emission of 1.3 million tons of CO2 and would allow the supply of 35% of all current electricity consumption in Asturias.

Capital Energy currently has a portfolio of wind and solar projects in Spain and Portugal of around 38 gigawatts (GW) of power, of which about 8.5 GW already have the granted network access permits.

Thanks to the launch of its trading company, in the last quarter of 2020, Capital Energy has completed its strategic objective of being present throughout the entire renewable generation value chain.