Green hydrogen for sustainable transport in Northern Germany

Statkraft and Energiepark Emden, a consortium consisting of Brons Group, GP Joule, SCORE and Terravent, based in Northern Germany, today signed a Letter of Intent. The aim is to jointly put the East Frisian public and private transport sectors on a green footing. The companies plan to produce green hydrogen and establish a corresponding value chain.

The traffic and transport sector accounts for around 19% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Germany. Green hydrogen is therefore an important pillar for achieving climate targets in this sector as well.

Statkraft and Energiepark Emden intend to build electrolysers with a total capacity of up to 50 megawatts at the Emden site of the Norwegian energy company. Green hydrogen will be produced based on electricity from renewable energy sources, including a photovoltaic park being developed by Energiepark Emden.

From 2023, the green hydrogen will be supplied mainly to customers in East Frisia, who will be able to reduce their CO2 emissions, for example in local public transport and the regional transport sector. The hydrogen marketing and sales is bundled under the company name H2Emden, which includes the Emden-based company SCORE as a further shareholder.

Together with other potential partners such as AG Ems, Spedition Weets and Stadtwerke Emden, the 100% green hydrogen will be distributed via the SCORE petrol station network and consequently made available to everyone.

“In Emden, we have joined forces with strong partners from the region to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from the transport sector in East Frisia with this lighthouse project,” says Dr Carsten Poppinga, Managing Director of Statkraft in Germany.

“Statkraft is an expert in renewable energy. With our biomass site in Emden and the ability to provide green electricity from our portfolio – consisting of wind, solar and hydropower plants – we are well positioned to enable a sustainable transport and traffic sector,” he adds.

“The partnership with Statkraft is a strong signal for the city of Emden and the East Frisia region. Emden has long been an energy location and a centre for renewable energy,” explains Claas Mauritz Brons, Managing Director of the Brons Group on behalf of the consortium partners of H2 Emden.

“Now we are opening the next chapter and laying the foundation for a green transport future in our region,” he adds.

GP Joule
 CEO of GP Joule, Ove Petersen at the site of the award-winning eFarm project. Photo: GP Joule

The mayor of the city of Emden, Tim Kruithoff, is also convinced of the success of this partnership, stating: “I am thrilled that Emden is leading the way and has succeeded in finding a regional solution for the production and use of hydrogen. As the city of Emden, we will do our part to support this success.”

There is also strong support for the planned hydrogen project at the state level. Dr. Niels Kämpny, Head of the Industry and Economy Department at the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization, explains: “The project is welcomed by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization. The planned energy park has lighthouse character for the region with regard to the generation of 
renewable electricity and the use of locally produced hydrogen.”

Just one 5-megawatt electrolyser produces enough green hydrogen to operate around 85 buses in local public transport. Trucks, on the other hand, have higher hydrogen consumption and higher mileage. In other words, with the same amount of green hydrogen more than 20 trucks could run for a year.

Energiepark Emden is a merger of the companies GP JOULE, Terravent Investments and Brons Group.

The North Frisian renewable energy power plant project developer GP JOULE stands for regional value creation and refinement of electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. For this purpose, GP JOULE develops, builds and operates plants for green hydrogen ecosystems from production, transport, distribution to the use of green hydrogen.

East Frisian Terravent Investments has been at home in the energy, real estate and shipping sectors for more than 20 years, focusing on renewable energy with a total of nearly one gigawatt of projected wind power capacity.

The Brons Group was founded in Emden in 1826 and is active in trading, shipping and maritime services.

H2 Emden is a cooperation of the Brons Group, GP Joule, SCORE and Terravent. The consortium aims to supply the regional public transport and transport sector in East Frisia with green hydrogen.