Governor inaugurates Tizimín Wind Farm in Yucatan

The inauguration ceremony was headed by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and in which the future investment for the construction of another Wind Park was announced. This will be the Tizimín Phase 2, through which it will contribute to promoting the economic reactivation and the generation of more jobs in the state.

Together with the director of Fuerza y ??Energía Limpia de Tizimín, Jaime de la Rosa Frigolet, the Governor inaugurated this new park, in which 330 jobs were generated during its construction and operation, located in the Yohactún de Hidalgo community.

This important project, in addition to protecting the environment, will also help reduce the costs of electric power in the state, since it produces 321 Gigawatts per hour (GW / h) per year.

Since it started operating, it has contributed to the production of more than 640 GW / h, which means the supply of 115 thousand Yucatecan homes. With this source of energy, emissions of about 70 thousand tons of carbon dioxide have been avoided.

During its construction, this wind farm created 300 direct jobs. While, for its operation, it is generating 30 jobs. The construction phase lasted 16 months and is currently connected to the national transmission network.

In his message, the Governor pointed out that, to combat climate change, which effects have been reflected in meteorological phenomena and the most intense rainy season ever recorded in Yucatan, it is important that the authorities can promote projects of clean energies, which at the same time generate economic growth and contribute to lower electricity rates since the state has one of the highest in the entire country.

Accompanied by the mayor of Tizimín, Mario González, Vila Dosal recalled that in Yucatán another 24 projects of this type are being promoted since there is the conviction of how good they are for a development of Yucatán that is friendly with the environment, so the governor reiterated that the State Government will continue to support this type of projects.

The Yucatan Times