New 150 MW wind farm in Ukraine

Wind Power GSI Volyn LLC intends to build a wind power plant with a capacity of 150 MW in Ivanychi and Volodymyr-Volynsky districts of Volyn region.
According to the website of the unified register of environmental impact assessment, within the framework of the project, it is planned to install 28 wind turbines in the territory of Ivanychi district and 1 wind facility in the territory of Volodymyr-Volynsky district with a capacity of up to 7 MW each. The tower height is up to 166 meters, the rotor diameter is up to 170 meters.
It is also planned to build a high-voltage substation of 35/110 kV with an area of up to 1 hectare with transformer equipment to ensure the reception and transmission of generated electricity from the station to the network. The transmission of electricity generated at the wind farm to the unified state power grid will be carried out through the existing 330 kV Novovolynsk substation of Ukrenergo.
The wind farm is expected to generate about 540,000 MWh of “green” electricity.
According to the data of the Unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, Wind Power GSI Volyn (Lviv) belongs to Greenville closed non-diversified venture corporate investment fund. The ultimate beneficiary is Ivan Torsky, the director general of TKS Development Holding.