Wind power in Argentina, Los Teros wind farm already has 32 wind turbines

The mayor of Olavarría Ezequiel Galli and his pair from Azul Hernán Bertellys toured the “Los Teros” Wind Farm, where the 32 wind turbines are already in operation.

According to the technical managers, the work continues with the operation providing energy to the grid and the conclusion of the second part of the park with thirteen additional wind turbines.

“It is a pride for the region that Azul can have the largest wind farm in the country and for us as Olavarrienses it is a very important fact because we have contributed local labor for the development of Los Teros,” said Galli at the end of the tour .

“Since the beginning of the park project we have been working together with Hernán and when hiring workers and supplies our city was always considered to make the necessary contribution,” he added.
On the other hand, Galli referred to the environmental benefits of Los Teros and said: “We are facing an energy development that does not need large consumption of hydrocarbons or polluting energy sources such as coal.”

In this regard, the mayor of Olavarría indicated that “there is a worldwide trend to reduce the environmental impact generated by hydrocarbons and coal.”

“That is why it is a privilege for all the inhabitants of the region that the neighboring city of Azul has been chosen two years ago by YPF for the installation of the Los Teros Wind Farm,” added Galli.

Finally, the local president assured: “This putting into operation of the park is a reason to celebrate and to congratulate the Municipal Government of Azul that created the conditions so that such infrastructure can be developed.”