Siemens Gamesa partners with Eolus Vind to deliver powerful customized 5.X turbines for three Swedish wind farms

Company to supply seven SG 5.8-170 and four SG 5.8-155 with OptimaFlex technology and different tower heights to wind power developer
Siemens Gamesa and Eolus Vind have collaborated over the past 12 months to optimize configurations and maximize yield of largest and most powerful onshore wind turbine
Installation of the three projects, totaling 68,4 MW, scheduled for 2023 and will be covered by a 15-year service agreement.
Siemens Gamesa 5.X fast becoming leading technology in Sweden to lower the cost of energy as the market plans to phase out green certificates.

Siemens Gamesa has signed a new deal for its 5.X platform in Sweden, further consolidating these wind turbines as the leading technology in one of the largest and most sophisticated wind markets in the world. The company will deliver seven SG 5.8-170 and four SG 5.8-155 to wind power developer Eolus Vind AB in a highly customized solution.

Both companies have worked closely together to optimize the configuration of the wind turbines, which will be delivered in different power ratings thanks to the OptimaFlex technology, as well as varying tower heights.

The wind turbines will be delivered to three different sites: Rosenskog (17,8 MW), Dållebo (26,4 MW) and Boarp (24,2 MW), all located in southern Sweden, close to the city of Jönköping. Installation is scheduled for 2023 and all three projects will be covered by a 15-year service agreement.

“Over the past months we have managed to establish the Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform as the benchmark technology in the Nordics. This is a result not only for the projects we have signed, but also due to the opportunities that we see in front of us, and the feedback we are receiving from our customers. The journey with Eolus Vind has been one of a true partnership to extract the full benefits of this extremely versatile technology and we are happy to move to the next stage in our collaboration,” explained Andreas Nauen, Siemens Gamesa CEO.

“At Eolus we are delighted to work with Siemens Gamesa and to use the 5.X platform to optimize production in these projects. Both in terms of installed capacity and rotor diameter these will be the largest wind turbines Eolus has used to date,” Eolus CEO Per Witalisson added.

Since its debut order in the country back in December of 2019, the company has accumulated deals totaling over 431 MW for its Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform in Sweden. This technology introduces the largest unit capacity and rotor diameter in the onshore segment, significantly helping to make projects competitive while the country plans to discontinue its certificate system supporting wind power.

The Siemens Gamesa 5.X combines the best of the company’s engineering schools, producing a technologically superior wind turbine built on proven solutions to reduce risks. Once commissioned, the eleven units of the platform will generate enough clean electricity to meet the demand of over 56,000 European households and avoid CO2 equivalent to taking 113,000 diesel cars off the roads.