ENERCON publishes sustainability report for the first time

The publication of a sustainability report is an elementary milestone in the setting of ENERCON’s reorientation. For decades, it has been ENERCON’s claim to provide innovative and efficient products for a sustainable energy transition. In this way, we have been making a material contribution to sustainability from the very beginning. The Sustainability Report provides customers, partners, associations and political players as well as our employees and interested parties with a comprehensive overview of ENERCON’s constant effort on the subject of sustainability.

In addition our Sustainability Report meets the extensive, increasing demand of our stakeholders for transparent communication of our high sustainability standard that is in line with that of the renewables industry. Internal and external requirements for active consideration of sustainability issues in doing business and transparent communication of successes and challenges are constantly increasing.

Long-term integration of this subject into ENERCON’s business activity is gaining in significance, particularly with regard to internationalisation and refocussing on our core business – gearless onshore wind energy converters – in the context of ENERCON’s reorientation. In this way, competitive presence in international markets and global supply chains as well as rigorous cost cutting and sustainability aspects interlock.

Sustainability means realising a socially and environmentally compatible way of working at ENERCON in the long term in order to help shape a forward-looking, sustainable worldwide development through purposeful economic value creation. All of this is in line with ENERCON’s vision of ENERGY FOR THE WORLD.

In accordance with this claim, the report will be showing ENERCON’s commitment to the three pillars of sustainability on an annual basis. using up-to-date indicators, objectives and projects:

PEOPLE – society; this deals with the efforts revolving around society (internal staff and the population impacted by our actions)

PLANET – the environment; this describes the environmental impact, taking into account the natural planetary boundaries, and

PRODUCT – the economic value; this looks at our product that generates the economic value, as well as its sustainability aspects