Goldwind Joins Hands with DNV GL to Enter the Fast Lane of the International Market

On August 14, 2020, Xinjiang Goldwind Science &Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Goldwind”) and DNV GL Business Assurance (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DNV GL”) signed an online Turbine Approver™ strategic cooperation framework agreement for the SSDA Assessment (i.e. Site Specific Design Assessment), and this is also the first time that Chinese turbine OEM has signed an SSDA online assessment agreement with an world’s leading certification body. Turbine Approver™ is an online assessment tool developed by DNV GL Renewables Certification for the assessment of expanded wind turbines models. With the help of Voucher Business Model, it can help turbine OEMs obtain fast and integrated certification support, which is expected to greatly shorten SSDA assessment cycle of international projects, thus greatly improve the project delivery efficiency.

With the increasing attention to energy transformation in many countries, the international business scale of Goldwind continues to expand. In the development process of wind farms, suitable wind turbines will be selected for specific site conditions to improve the cost-effectiveness of the project. Moreover, project developers, financial institutions or regulatory authorities will also require turbine manufacturers to provide a third-party assessment result on the suitability of wind turbines in a specific site environment. Specific to the customized selection design delivery of international projects, Goldwind actively discussed SSDA business plan with DNV GL, based on the excellent practice cases of the past international projects and the massive data accumulation in the multiple certification process. On the basis of ensuring the quality of certification, through customized services, it makes the wind turbines certified quickly, with largely improving the efficiency.

This agreement was signing online. Wu Kai, vice president of Goldwind, Kim Mørk, executive vice president of Renewables Certification of DNV GL, and other representatives from the two sides attended the signing ceremony.

A number of new digital businesses shared by Michael Wilkinson, head of the energy digitalization team of DNV GL, such as Turbine Approver™, Fast2Report, My Certificate, etc., have embodied DNV GL’s digital business philosophy with “customer-oriented” and its business goal of “focusing on improving service efficiency”. DNV GL is accumulating industry experience through digital means to deepen cooperation and mutual trust with customers.

Wu Kai, vice president of Goldwind, said that the signing of this agreement marks that the cooperation between Goldwind and DNV GL has entered a new stage of strategic, comprehensive and long-term cooperation and development. Goldwind would like to work closely with DNV GL, jointly make development and continue to boost confidence in the international market.

Looking to the future, Goldwind and DNV GL will further explore cooperation in the field of digitalization, and jointly create a new benchmark for industrial cooperation.