Wind power in Chile, AES hybrid wind farm

The wind farm would have an installed capacity of 350 MW, that is, it would represent 40.6% of the capacity of the generation plant, and would be made up of 50 7 MW wind turbines with a hub height of 170 m and blades of 85 m in length, reaching a rotor diameter of 175 m.

For its part, the photovoltaic park would represent 59.4% of the capacity of the hybrid plant, that is, with an installed power of 512.5 MW and would be made up of 1,102,080 bifacial panels mounted on support structures following a movable axis NS.

In addition, the plant would have two control buildings and two warehouses, an electrical substation, two electrical storage systems with batteries, meteorological towers, internal roads, an underground electrical network, and wastewater management systems.

It is estimated that Parque Terra Energía Renovable could begin its construction during the year 2022.
AES Gener, through its subsidiary Energía Eólica Paposo SpA, entered the Environmental Impact Study of the Antofagasta Region into the Environmental Impact Study to build a power generation plant based on renewable energies, an initiative that would require an investment of US $ 750 millions.

“With this hybrid initiative, combining three technologies, we want to ratify our commitment to Chile and its sustainable recovery. Parque Terra Energía Renovable is part of our Greentegra strategy, which aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the energy matrix by incorporating innovative and competitive renewable energies, ”said AES Gener CEO Ricardo Falú.
The Parque Terra Energía Renovable project would be located in the municipality of Taltal, Antofagasta Region, approximately 22 km northwest of the town of Paposo, 66 km north of the city of Taltal and 115 km south of the city of Antofagasta .

The initiative consists of the construction, operation and closure of a hybrid power generation plant, consisting of a wind farm and a photovoltaic park that together would have an installed power of 862.5 MW.