Wind power in Yucatán, the “Progreso” Wind Farm was inaugurated

This morning, the “Progreso” Wind Farm, located at kilometer 30 of the highway that connects the port with Mérida, was inaugurated in an event led by the Governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Vila Dosal, in the company of Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

In his message, in the presence of the general director of Renewable Energy of the Peninsula, Benigno Villareal, Vila Dosal highlighted how difficult it is to carry out a project of such magnitude, especially due to the current situation in the world.

“I am very pleased that working hand in hand, these projects are taking place because without a doubt they are ‘winning’ on all sides. There is investment, employment, generation of clean energies, and there is of course saving electrical energy, as well as caring for the environment ”, he indicated.

He affirmed that these projects change a state and a country, for which he thanked the investment partners of the company who are trusting in Yucatán.

“The quality of the Yucatecans, the skilled labor, our infrastructure, our geographical location and of course our connectivity make Yucatan a great state to invest in,” declared Vila Dosal.

The governor thanked the company Energía Renovable de la Península for the “Progreso” Wind Farm, where 155 million dollars are being invested and which generated 300 jobs in its construction stage, plus those that it will be creating permanently.

Likewise, he recognized their social work, since they are carrying out community work in Progreso with educational, social and cultural projects, which have benefited 11 thousand inhabitants of the port.

Vila Dosal explained that it is a 90 megawatt park and its generation represents the equivalent of 8 percent of the total energy currently consumed by Yucatán or the approximate equivalent of the consumption of 215 thousand homes.

He stressed that the park avoids the emission of approximately 181 thousand tons of CO2, which translates into removing 78 thousand vehicles annually.

He indicated that this is one of the five renewable energy parks and megaprojects that have been inaugurated in Yucatán, such as the three wind energy parks in Tizimín, Dzilam de Bravo and now the one in Progreso, in addition to two photovoltaic plants in Peto and Progreso.

He indicated that these projects generate 300 megawatts, which is equivalent to the energy consumption of 665 thousand homes in Yucatan and have represented an investment of almost 10 billion pesos.

He affirmed that there are another 24 projects under development in the state, which, if completed, would be generating about 3,400 megawatts with an additional investment of 84,375 billion pesos.

“This will contribute so that in the medium term, with these projects, we can have the expectation that electricity rates may decrease here in Yucatán and throughout the entire Peninsula region,” he said.