The Offshore Wind Energy Podcast

Offshore wind power is one of the world’s fastest growing energy sources, with strong year on year growth expected across the next few decades. Many nations are banking on offshore wind to play a major role in reaching their decarbonization and sustainability targets and helping their economies recover from the COVID-19 crisis. 

On the technology front, wind turbines are bigger and more powerful than ever, offshore wind farm capacity factors continue to rise and we are seeing a surge of interest from oil and gas giants seeking to transition their businesses away from fossil fuels, as well as increased competition from the developers who have championed offshore wind energy from day one.

New markets in Asia, the Americas, and eventually Africa, accelerated growth in Europe, the rise of floating offshore wind power and increasing interest in power-to-x solutions, are creating the basis for rapid growth of the industry. 

Hosted by Ben Backwell, CEO at GWEC, and Stewart Mullin, Global Head of Public Affairs and Institutional Relations at MHI Vestas, The Offshore Wind Podcast looks at the issues facing the offshore wind energy industry today and tomorrow!
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Offshore wind has quite literally blown away everyone’s expectations, growing rapidly as an industry over the last decade to become a key piece of the energy transition puzzle. From its early days as a niche technology in Europe, to its current status as one of the fastest growing energy power sources in markets across the world, offshore wind has come a long way – and we are only just at the beginning of harnessing its potential!

In the first episode of the series, hosts Ben Backwell and Stewart Mullin discuss how the offshore industry has evolved and grown, their journey to becoming advocates of this emerging technology, and why policy makers and governments are increasingly turning their attention to offshore wind.
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