IRENA develops guidelines for cooperation with the private sector

IRENA has developed Guiding Principles for Engaging in Cooperation Activities with the Private Sector (the “Guidelines”).

The Guidelines aim to facilitate cooperation with the private sector to support the achievement of IRENA’s mandate, goals and objectives, while maintaining a principled approach that manages risks and ensures IRENA’s impartiality, integrity and independence. The Guidelines will be implemented in accordance with IRENA’s Statute and the applicable regulations, rules, and policies.

The Guidelines have been developed consistent with the guidance provided by IRENA’s members in the Medium-term Strategy 2018-2022 adopted by the Assembly. The Guidelines envisage the review process and the criteria that IRENA will take into account in engaging in cooperation activities with the eligible private sector entities. Further information on the cooperation activities and the review process that will be carried out by IRENA in accordance with the Guidelines may be found here.

IRENA looks forward to engaging in fruitful collaborations that support advancement of its mission and goals. The selected private sector entities will have the opportunity to work with the global intergovernmental organisation mandated to promote the widespread and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy and to make a positive impact in the renewables area.

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