Enel Green Power is among Mexico’s most ethical companies

The Fortune ranking sees Enel Green Power reach 14th place among Mexico’s most ethical businesses

Our first attendance delivered an impressive result: Fortune magazine ranked Enel Green Power at the 14th spot among Mexico’s 30 most ethical businesses. This is a remarkable achievement that fills us with pride, for both the ranking’s strict access criteria and for the ability to serve as an example in a country that placed an anti-corruption platform as one of its core values.

Enel Green Power gained a score of 62,6 out of 70, trailing just 2,9 points from the top scorer. The ranking was based on four factors: ethical philosophy of business, ethical leadership, promotion and experience of values, community outreach.

Enel Green Power was the only utility to field in Fortune’s ranking and, together with Shell, the only company coming from the energy sector. The ranking was drafted through a survey involving the complete workforce, vouching for a company that goes beyond mere business goals to embrace a strong ethical agenda with time-honored values.

The ranking is focused on the businesses’ and their manager’s true and trusted interest in promoting an ethical culture that goes above and beyond the regulatory compliance. Enel Green Power managed to get in the top 30 with its ability to aim for its goals by putting ethics and moral integrity first, going a step further beyond the simple and unavoidable compliance to the rule of law.