Investments in wind energy in Brazil continue to grow

After 10 years of the first wind energy auction in Brazil, investments in wind turbines are getting stronger. US $ 3.45 billion (R $ 13.6 billion) was invested in new wind power projects in the sector, only in 2019, which represents 53% of the investments made in renewable energy in Brazil, with the installation of 38 new wind farms, in a total of 745 MW of new capacity.

The states contemplated with the new wind farm developments were Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte and Maranhão. Today, wind energy occupies the second place in the country’s electrical matrix, with an installed capacity of 15.45 GW, only behind hydroelectric plants.

In addition to being a very competitive source, wind energy has a reduced environmental impact and a low emission of greenhouse gases throughout its useful life, from its implementation to its operation. The total emissions avoided in 2019 were 22.85 million tons of (CO2), which is equivalent to the annual emission of 21.7 million cars.

According to Elbia Gannoum, Executive President of ABEEólica (Brazilian Association of Wind Energy), the next ten years will also be of growth. “The good winds will remain firm and strong and our production chain will continue to be efficient, but we will have many changes in the ways of contracting that can make the next period something completely different,” says Elbia. Currently, the Free Contracting Environment (ACL), also called the Free Energy Market, is expanding strongly and the Ministry of Mines and Energy is discussing new policies within the scope of “Modernization of the Electric Sector”. One of the objectives of this modernization will be to insert more renewable energies into the energy matrix, giving more freedom of choice for the consumer to adopt new technological solutions.

AES Tietê is ready for the future.

AES Tietê is also investing in the sector. In addition to the Alto Sertão II Wind Farm in Bahia, which has been in operation since 2018, work on the Tucano Wind Farm, also in Bahia, will begin in 2020. The complex will have a total installed capacity of 322.4 MW, leading progress for the region and positive impacts on the local economy.

Recently, an exclusive purchase agreement (PPA) was signed for the Cajuína Wind Farm, in Rio Grande do Norte, with 1.1GW of installed capacity.