Wind energy in Vietnam, Ayala Corp. is building the largest wind farm

Ayala is building the largest wind farm in Vietnam to date, as the conglomerate tries to keep the momentum of its power generation business in a country that has been less ravaged by the health crisis than others.

Located in the coastal area of the Quang Binh province, the wind farm is AC Energy’s latest project with AMI Renewables. It will have an aggregate capacity of 210 megawatts.
The wind power project will be done in two phases, the first with a capacity of 109.2 MW and the other with 100.8 MW. Firm orders have been issued to the wind turbine supplier for both phases, the company said.
“With the aim of qualifying for the current round for wind feed-in-tariff of 8.50 US cents per kWh, the project is set to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2021,” the statement read.

“We are excited to embark on what would be the largest wind project for Vietnam as well as for AC Energy,” said Eric Francia, AC Energy president and CEO.

“We continue to transition to a low carbon portfolio, and work toward our goal of reaching 5,000 MW of renewables capacity by 2025,” he added. This latest project brings AC Energy’s total renewables capacity to 1,200 MW.

With several favorable conditions in Vietnam that ease the acceleration of clean energy development, Patrice Clausse, chief operating officer of AC Energy International, said the company intended to play a significant role in aiding this country meet the surge in power demand. “AC Energy sees Vietnam as a key market as it aims to be the one of the largest listed renewables platforms in Southeast Asia,” Clausse said.

The project will use wind turbines from Vestas Asia Pacific, who will supply, transport, install and commission wind turbines at a hub height of 145 meters to optimize the wind energy production.

AC Energy will be providing all the construction capital required for this project, the company said. It has not responded to request for more information, such as investments, as of press time.