Clarification on Public Prosecutor measures regarding EDPR Board members

EDP Renováveis, S.A. (“EDPR”) is providing the following information to the market and to the public in general:

In the context of a judicial procedure undergoing related to the activity of EDP – Energias de Portugal (“EDP”), which holds an 82.6% shareholding in EDPR, EDPR’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. António Mexia, and Vice-Chairman and CEO, Mr. João Manso Neto, were suspended from their executive functions in all EDP Group companies. The process continues in the inquiry phase and they have not been formally accused.

Following this, the Board of Directors of EDPR met today and decided to appoint Mr. Rui Manuel Rodrigues Lopes Teixeira as a new member of EDPR’s Executive Committee and as Consejero Delegado, designated as the responsible person to coordinate the Executive Committee activities and to liaise with EDP – EDPR’s principal shareholder.

EDPR’s management team will continue in full possession of its powers and working with its customary sense of focus on shareholder value, namely in the execution of its Strategic Agenda 2019-22, presented to the market in March 2019, to which objectives will continue to be fully committed and dedicated.