Enel Green Power begins construction on a 24 MW wind farm in Zaragoza

Enel Green Power has begun construction of a 24 MW wind farm near the towns of Borja and Fréscano in the province of Zaragoza. The investment associated with this project amounts to 26 million euros.

The San Francisco de Borja wind farm will have 7 wind turbines, 5 of them with a unit power of 3.4 MW  and 2 with 3.3 MW, which will generate around 92.5 GWh per year,  equivalent to the power used by 29,000 homes. Its commissioning will save 61,270 tons of CO2 per year from being released into the atmosphere.

Enel Green Power connected thirteen wind farms to the grid in Teruel and Zaragoza provinces in Spain’s Aragón region in 2019, with a combined total capacity of 424 MW. In 2020, it plans to connect 82 new megawatts of wind power in both provinces.

All its renewable energy construction plans are accompanied by their corresponding Creation of Shared Values (CSV) Plans. CSV plans are designed together with environmental stakeholders and their ultimate objective is to maximise the socio-economic impact that projects have on the community. These CSV plans prioritise, among other actions, the incorporation of local labour, as well as locally hiring catering services and workers’ accommodation.

The construction of this renewable capacity responds to EGP’s strategy to fully decarbonise its generation mix by 2050. According to the company’s latest Strategic Plan, the next milestone is set at reaching 10.2 GW of installed renewable capacity by 2022, compared to 7.4 GW at the end of 2019, with a total investment of around 3.8 billion euros.

EGP currently manages more than 7,452 MW of renewable capacity in Spain. Of this figure, 4,711 MW comes from conventional hydraulic generation; and the rest, 2,741 MW, comes from wind (2,307 MW), solar (352 MW), mini-hydro (79 MW) and other renewable sources (3 MW).