Wind energy in Pakistan, Goldwind’s wind turbines for wind farms

Recently, Goldwind has received a new wind turbine supply contract for 20 units of GW 121-2.5MW high temperature model wind turbines for ACTII project. The project is located at Jhimpir of Sindh Province in Pakistan, where is well known as “wind corridor” with around 1GW installed wind capacity.

This is the second time cooperation between Goldwind and the experienced local wind project developer ACT Wind (Pvt) Ltd. The company’s first project – 30MW ACT wind power project has also employed Goldwind’s technology and well operated for around 4 years.
To well serve the market and customers, Goldwind has developed customized environmental adaptability solutions for Pakistan’s particular hot temperature and sandy environment, ensuring excellent performance and high-level availability of the project owner’s wind turbine assets. The reliability of Goldwind’s products has received highly recognition from the local wind industry.

Following the secured order of Gul Ahmed II wind power project and ACTII project, Goldwind has also achieved the milestone of contract signing for Artistic II wind power project. It is expected to see 150MW new installation of Goldwind turbines in Pakistan in the coming years, and Goldwind’s total installation in the country will reach 477MW.

Over the years, Goldwind has rooted in Pakistani market and fulfilled its commitment. As exploring deeply into the market, Goldwind has formed professional teams composed of local employees for sales, operation and maintenance services, creating jobs and training professionals locally.

In the future, Goldwind will continue to support the “Belt and Road” initiative, bring high quality products and technologies to Pakistan, and support the country’s development and people’s life with reliable, sustainable and affordable renewable energy.