Wind energy project in Castelli is advancing

As part of the “Ciudad Futura” program and in conjunction with the Castelli Electricity Cooperative, the renewable energy generation project continues with the installation of a wind turbine in the town of Cerro de la Gloria.

Days ago, the wind turbine blades arrived at the Port of Zárate and were unloaded by the NRG Patagonia company, in charge of the project. This equipment comes from the United States and was received by CUECCA management together with the engineer Tenti, who are supervising technical advances.

The rest of the parts that make up the tower and other elements of the wind turbine are manufactured by national companies.

In addition, soil studies and other preliminary work have already been carried out in the mill’s installation area through a team from the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of La Plata.

“Ciudad Futura” is a program that aims to make Castelli a sustainable district and achieve self-sufficiency in energy through environmentally friendly methods.