Wind energy companies in Spain continue to collaborate in the fight against COVID-19

Since the health crisis started by COVID-19 in the world, there have been many companies in the wind energy sector in Spain that are collaborating in the donation of products, as well as the provision of services to fight this pandemic. Below, we summarize some actions that several of the members of the Wind Business Association (AEE) are carrying out. To all these companies, thank you for the effort and help made so that we can get ahead of this health crisis.

In addition, AEE, with the collaboration of its associated companies, has launched the # EolicTrabaramosPorTi campaign, where professionals from the Spanish wind sector have recorded and shared testimonies on their activities in wind farms, control rooms and factories during these days of confinement, to explain that his work continues as an essential service so that energy can reach the homes of all Spaniards. These videos have been compiled by AEE and are being disseminated on the Association’s profiles on social networks. Those companies that are interested in participating in this initiative can send us their materials to the email

In response to the critical situation, Acciona, through a dedicated team, expressly created and organized for this purpose, is developing various collaborative actions with more than 75 public institutions and social agents around the world to contribute to the mitigation of the effects of the virus.
Among many other actions that the company is carrying out, significant donations of protection equipment are being made to different hospitals and institutions in Spain, as well as logistical and cleaning support, making capacities, resources available to public administrations and various entities involved. and personnel in the field of transportation (vans or motorcycles), logistics (storage spaces), structures (positioning of construction booths), cleaning (normal and specialized) and maintenance, for institutions that currently do not have resources.

Arboreal intellbird
The Arborea technology company Intellbird, integrated in the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca (USAL), is working on “emergency germicidal solutions” aimed at facilitating the control of the coronavirus, specifically one with the use of domestic cleaning robots for the disinfect risk areas and in another with refrigerators adapted for treatment on materials such as personal protective equipment (PPE) used by health workers.

Capital Energy
The initiatives that Capital Energy has promoted to contribute to aid against the COVID-19 crisis have been three:

    Positive Energy: an initiative launched on April 7 in Spain in search of projects related to the areas of environmental sustainability, mobility, social impact, digitization, telecommunications and 4.0, always from the perspective of energy. To this initiative, promoted by Enagás, Red Eléctrica, CLH, Iberdrola, BP, EIT InnoEnergy and Acciona, Capital Energy and Disa have been added. In addition, institutions such as Startup Olé, ASCRI, El Referente and Investment Partners collaborate, and Byld, Everis, Dentons, PKF Attest innCome and Pons IP have just joined as collaborators. Each of the companies will support at least one startup / scaleup by providing Financing for the development of the project and / or making their tools for innovation, investment, commercial development and structure available to them. With this joint project, the participating corporations have joined forces to contribute, through their corporate ventures and innovation, to the economic and social recovery of Spain in the face of the COVID-19 crisis and to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Positive Energy + platform has received 396 proposals and more than 85% are national and, in the 51 international projects registered, entrepreneurs from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile or Canada, among others, have participated. For more information click on this link.
    Closing the distance: It is an initiative against the loneliness of quarantined patients, which helps connect patients and families thanks to technology, through the provision of tablets and devices with a mobile connection. Capital Energy has contributed to this initiative by financing part of the material necessary for the operation of the 2,000 tablets that were distributed at IFEMA. More information in this link.
    Furniture donation to the Gregorio Marañón Hospital: Capital Energy acquired 50 hospital beds for the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid and which contributed to alleviating, in part, the saturation experienced due to the COVID-19 crisis.

EDP ??Renováveis
EDP ??Renováveis ??has donated educational material in seven Autonomous Communities. A total of 315 new laptops and 60 tablets in 35 municipalities in order to support underprivileged minors in their training, thus covering the needs of many young people. This donation is part of the 750,000 euros in aid to the fight against Covid-19, announced in early April. In the case of Spain, the aid has been allocated to the purchase of hygiene products, the purchase of digital equipment to strengthen distance education, and the advance payment to local providers. Likewise, EDPR is launching aid programs in eleven other countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, the United States, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland and Romania) with different initiatives ranging from donations to food banks , the purchase of medical supplies, medical equipment and rapid tests, or the purchase of digital school supplies to facilitate remote study.

The company has created a fund of 25 million and activates a plan to provide material, services, equipment and infrastructure in the fight against COVID-19. The plan will allow injecting direct aid in material and donations.
Endesa has purchased respirators for the ICU and 2 million masks worth 10 million euros, which it will make available to the health authorities. In addition, the company makes its infrastructure, material and equipment available to the Government and Autonomous Communities to help in areas with the most needs.
The initiative joins those already carried out, such as avoiding supply cuts to customers in the residential sector due to defaults or making conditions more flexible for SMEs, the self-employed and families in need.

The Forestalia business group joined the fight against the coronavirus in April with a donation of 750,000 euros to the Community of Madrid through the / donamadrid program and to the Community of Aragon, aimed at the actions that the authorities consider most necessary.

Forestalia also participated in the # AragónenMarcha project, coordinated by CEOE Aragón, with an important donation for the purchase and import from China of masks and respirators. The # AragónenMarcha initiative has mobilized numerous Aragonese tissue companies for the sum of economic resources and, in other cases, for the manufacture of EPIS and medical supplies.

The Galician renewable energy company Greenalia has joined the Unicef ??initiative to create a new supply of FFP1 protection masks that allow health workers to safely carry out their work.

The Iberdrola group, through its subsidiary Iberdrola Spain, is carrying out a series of measures to protect the health and safety of people (customers, employees, suppliers and the general population), as well as to ensure electricity supply in the country during COVID-19, especially to hospitals, health centers, and other essential services.
Among other actions, Iberdrola mobilizes 1,000 volunteers in social initiatives against COVID in Spain. Under the Volunteers campaign against COVID, the company has launched more than 20 initiatives so that employees, altruistically and from their homes, collaborate on projects against the coronavirus.
At Iberdrola they have adopted 107 measures to face the pandemic and guarantee the electricity supply as well as aid to vulnerable customers.

In these exceptionally adverse moments for the entire population, Naturgy has promoted a series of rapid actions aimed at its clients, employees and shareholders:

    Naturgy is carrying out free gas and electrical repairs for Health personnel, Corps and Security Forces, members of the Army and Fire, whether or not they are clients of the company. The free service is intended for more than 1,000,000 people and will run until June 2021.
    Donation to the Red Cross of more than one million euros for the purchase of sanitary equipment made by Naturgy employees, together with the contribution of the company itself, thus responding to the appeal that this humanitarian organization made to carry out various projects that contribute to alleviating the COVID-19 crisis. This amount has been allocated entirely to the acquisition of personal protective equipment and volumetric respirators with expendable material, which have been transferred to health centers in Spain.
    Free gas supply from March 30 to the IFEMA fairground that the Community of Madrid, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) transformed into the largest hospital in Spain in order to become the great retaining wall in front of the Coronavirus.

Siemens Gamesa
The blade production plant for the wind energy sector of Siemens Gamesa in Aoiz has participated in a project by the Industrial Foundation Navarra and the Government of Navarra to manufacture gowns that cover the protection needs of health workers in the ICUs of the Hospital Complex from Navarra. At Refena, three lines have been set up to sew robes, with a production of around 900 and 1,300 robes per day, which have been delivered as they were manufactured. At Gamesa the fabrics are cut with the appropriate patterns so that they can then be sewn. 35 volunteers have spent 300 hours cutting 23,300 square meters of fabric, which will serve around 10,000 full gowns.
Likewise, a campaign is being carried out to donate funds by Siemens Gamesa employees to the International Federation of Red Cross, the amount of which will be matched by the company.
Siemens Gamesa will launch an initiative to deliver medical supplies to hospitals in those communities where it operates that are particularly affected by this crisis, and the company will reorient its corporate social responsibility plan, “SGRE Impact”, to focus on solidarity projects that combat the consequences of COVID-19. An initiative will also be launched to support students in STEM subjects, among other measures.

TÜV SÜD verifies safety in the packaging of hydroalcoholic gels to help curb the crisis of COVID-19. Beiersdorf Spain has had the support of TÜV SÜD in the adaptation of one of its lines for the production of, up to now, more than 150,000 disinfecting sprays, representing more than 37,500 liters of hydroalcoholic solution, donated from the company to different hospitals and NGOs of the Community of Madrid

Vestas have wanted to collaborate with as many locations as possible, wherever they have a presence. This policy is part of Vestas’ Sustainability strategy, which seeks to be the safest, most responsible and socially committed company in the energy sector. In Spain, specifically, they have supported and will continue to support hospitals in the areas of Viveiro and Daimiel, where they have factories, with protection equipment, as well as in Aragon and Castilla y León, where most of their Service activities are concentrated