Greenalia has 19 wind farms pending with 116 wind turbines with 526 megawatts of wind power

They will be located in Vilasantar, Aranga and a third wind farm between Arteixo, Culleredo and A Laracha. In Galicia, 116 wind turbines with 526 megawatts of wind power.

So far in 2020, the Regionaal Ministry of the Environment has published the start of the environmental processing of a total of 19 wind farms in Galicia, ten of them in the province of A Coruña.
All have been made public between February 21 and this week. Thirteen of them have been published in full confinement and most of them, except for some of 2018, were written last March. And all the wind energy parks in process, the 19 so far this year, are promoted by a company based in A Coruña, Greenalia. It is the group for which the former Counselor for Land Use Planning and Environment and former PP candidate in A Coruña, Beatriz Mato, signed on February 11 as director of corporate development.

Greenalia (through Green Capital Power, Greenalia Wind Power or Greenalia Power) has 19 wind farms in operation with a total of 116 wind turbines to be installed, with a combined power of more than 526 megawatts. Twenty new generation wind turbines will be located in the three parks in the Coruña region, which are much more powerful and higher than the first ones, so it is not necessary to install as many. In the municipality of Vilasantar, for example, the wind farm called Abrente, will have eight wind turbines that will be 132 meters high.

In Aranga there will be another wind installation with four wind turbines, the Penas Boas park, near Montesalgueiro. The third, Carboeiro, takes the municipalities of Arteixo, A Laracha and Culleredo, a mostly mountainous area eucalyptus from Loureda.

Four other wind infrastructures are also being processed in the area closest to the Coruña area: Cerqueixal with 6 wind turbines between Coristanco and Cabana de Bergantiños; that of Solpor with 7 wind turbines between Ordes and Mesía; that of Alvite between Negreira and Mazaricos with 12 wind turbines (it is the largest along with another in Ourense) and that of San Cosmeiro between Mazaricos and Outes with 8 wind turbines.

Within the province of A Coruña, the Greenalia company also has two wind plants in operation in A Baña and one in Val do Dubra, and another between Boiro and Porto do Son.

In Vila de Cruces (Pontevedra) Greenalia processes up to three parks (Rodeira, Cunca and Axóuxere). The rest are located in Antas de Ulla and Agolada, Paradela, Pastoriza, Castro de Rei, Cospeito, Monterroso and Portomarín in Lugo; Montederramo and Maceda in Ourense; and Rodeiro in Pontevedra.

Greenalia, which started its activity in 2006 and has been listed on the alternative market since December 2017, has a business selling electric, wind, photovoltaic and biomass energy, with divisions in logistics, forestry, industry, thermal and electricity. Its first wind farm, in Vimianzo (6 wind turbines), started operating recently, in December 2019. In Curtis, it built the largest biomass plant in Galicia, which started selling energy as early as last month, although it was affected by the effects of the pandemic.