Wind energy offers 12 measures for economic relaunch in Spain

The proposal of the wind power sector to the Government is made up of 12 measures, identifying 6 of them as shock measures that would allow to relaunch business activity, maintenance of employment and investment with tangible results in the near future. In addition, AEE representing the wind sector presents 6 additional measures with a medium-term effect with a structural approach to gain economic and industrial strength, as well as to have a regulatory framework and protocols that help prevent, detect, manage and coordinate potential crises similar future.


For the CEO of AEE, Juan Virgilio Márquez, “the wind energy sector in Spain, as a strategic sector for the economy, which contributes 0.35% of GDP and employs 25,000 people, which has 227 factories and 100% of the value chain in our territory, has the responsibility to provide measures for the revival of the economy that, in some cases, exceed the purely wind power; We are talking about economic measures in the short term, to maintain employment and investment, but also structural application, to gain strength and resilience in future situations ”.


Wind power and its value chain have multiple benefits that make it important and urgent to bet on its activity, as one of the vehicles to revive the economy. The proposals for the reactivation of the economy, which depend on the central government and the Autonomous Communities, are mainly linked to developing projects, technology and R&D, manufacturing wind turbines and their components, transporting them, building wind farms, and operating them so that they are not lose not one iota of the clean energy that the country requires, and inject this energy into the grid so that it reaches each of the homes, businesses and institutions that make up our society. In order for the measures to be effective and to be carried out, it is important to rely on guaranteeing the financial stability of the system to attract investment and boost production activity.


Renewable technologies constitute a current and excellent opportunity on which to leverage the economic relaunch in the short term, but also to achieve resilient economic activity in the future. For this, it is important to decisively activate the necessary mechanisms to make compliance with the PNIEC a reality. “Both the New Green Deal, and its development in Spain through the PNIEC, constitute in themselves two great ideal projects for economic relaunch. These are precisely the actions that must be promoted at this time and activated as soon as possible ”says Juan Virgilio Márquez, CEO of AEE.


The installation of the 2,200 MW of wind power on average per year contemplated in the PNIEC throughout the national territory will guarantee demand throughout the value chain of the wind power sector, favoring stability and job growth. In the wind industry alone, more than 8,000 workers in more than 225 manufacturing centers would have a stable workload. And in relation to the construction of wind farms, more than 10,000 direct and indirect jobs will have their activity guaranteed during the period of PNIEC development.


The priority at the moment is to get back to the pace of manufacturing and construction of wind farms in the most agile way once economic activity recovers in the post-pandemic reactivation phases. To achieve this reaction, the 12 measures proposed by PREPA are as follows (document with detailed measures available):




Regulatory Boost and Mechanisms.

    Give solution to the Access and Connection Regulation, to avoid speculative practices and guarantee an efficient use of the network. Guarantee through RDL the automatic non-expiration of access permissions not affected by RDL 15/2018.
    Publication of the Normative Package of Network Codes and accelerated development of Network Planning.
    Activate remuneration mechanisms that accelerate the mobilization of investments by the private sector in the short term. Urgent modification of the auction and calendar design. Short-term auctions in the Canary Islands and manageability auctions.
    Regulation on Hybridization, Over-potentiation, Repowering and Storage, in such a way that production improvement schemes are enabled and / or energized with a more efficient use of the network.
    Urgent processing of the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law.
    Urgent management of the pending issues in the Just Transition Projects in decarbonization that lead to developments in renewable energy.
    Help improve liquidity in the renewable sector. Advisable review of remuneration parameters.