Wind energy in Serbia, the largest wind farm in Europe

Residents of the village of Cantavir, near Subotica, have signed most of the land lease agreements for the construction of the largest wind farm in Europe.

The value of the wind farm to be built near Cantavir is 700 million euro. The wind power plant, once built, should provide enough electricity to supply half of the European households with wind turbines.

Farmers, who have rented parts of their land, believe that the wind farm will bring positive effects to the green economy, wrote Vecernje Novosti daily.

“Construction will begin in three to four years when all the necessary permits are obtained,” said Atila Andras Djuricin, President of Cantavir City Council.

Environmental impact assessments are now being prepared, after which the provincial experts must consider and approve everything.

The proposed Master Plan provides for the construction of the wind farm in the south-eastern part of the administrative area of the city of Subotica between the villages of ?antavir, Višnjevac, Gabri?, Bikovo, Stari and Novi Žednik and the location of the wind power generator would be at least 1,000 meters from the populated areas. The area would cover an area of approximately 10,800 hectares, equivalent to the area of 15,000 football fields.

The construction of the wind farm will be financed by the company Maestrale Ring based in Belgrade and founded by the joint-stock company Fintel Energia, which belongs to the Italian Fintel Energia Group S.p.a.

Last year, the general manager of Fintel Energia, Tiziano Giovannetti, announced that with such projects Serbia would become one of the fastest countries to engage in the energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources.