China Supcon Delingha 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power plant achieved record high performance in Feb. 2020

The monthly generation of China Supcon Delingha 50 WM Concentrating Solar Power tower plant reached record high at 17.1795 GWh in February 2020 (from Jan 26 to Feb 25), with the generation fulfillment rate of 102.9%.

Supcon Delingha 50 MW Molten Salt Tower solar thermal project is one of the 1st batch of 20 demonstration CSP projects in China. The plant construction started in March, 2017, and was commissioned in December, 2018, and reached full-load operation in April, 2019.

Under TMY condition, the DNI in Delingha is 2043kWh/?, monthly average 170.3kWh/?, and the designed annual generation of the plant is 146GWh, monthly average 12.167GWh. According to previous meteorological data, the weather condition is very tough and unpredictable in Feb, with frequent frost, snow and sand storms.

However, it turned out to be a quit nice February in Delingha city, Qinghai Province in West China, this year, and the actual monthly DNI is 221.15kWh/?in Feb, which is 29.9% more than that under TMY condition. The theoretical generation via performance simulator system is 16.6953GWh, but the actual generation is 17.1795 GWh in Feb, 41.2% more than average monthly generation; and monthly generation fulfillment rate is 102.9%, compared with the simulator. Both the actual generation and the fulfillment rate set the highest bench mark of the plant since COD.

According to the operation log, the plant was in operation for 29 days in the past 31 days, from Jan 26 to Feb 25, with 2 days shut down due to cloudy sky. There were 23 days, in which the daily generation was more than 100% compared to the system theoretical data. From Feb 1st to 13th, the plant was in continuous round the clock operation for 292.8 hours, with gross generation 8.39GWh, average generation fulfillment rate 105.2%, which breaks the performance records of the plant since last Dec, in terms of continuous operation time, continuous generation and generation fulfillment rate of the plant.

The solar thermal project developer ZHEJIANG SUPCON SOLAR TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., founded in 2010, is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research and industrialization of CSP technology. Since its foundation, SUPCON SOLAR has been dedicated to the research of molten salt tower CSP technology, equipment and utility-scale application, using advanced and efficient CSP technology to provide high-quality and low-cost clean energy.

Through years of technological breakthrough, SUPCON SOLAR has mastered integrated molten salt tower CSP technologies and established whole industrial chain, which is able to provide domestically sourced equipment, providing reliable and mature solutions of CSP plant construction.

Supcon Solar is also positive and active in global CSP markets and quite open to seek for cooperation with overseas partners in CSP project development, EPC, equipment & material purchasing etc.