AES Gener announces 1,600 MW of solar and wind energy in Chile and Colombia

AES Gener announced an investment of US $ 1.8 billion in solar and wind power projects with wind turbines for 1,600 MW in Chile and Colombia. They will be financed with available cash, incorporation of partners in the projects and a capital increase of US $ 500 million, which will be submitted for approval at the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting convened on March 19, 2020.

The company said in a statement that “it is moving forward in the execution of its Greentegra strategy to become the leading energy solutions company in South America and achieve the objectives of decarbonising its customers’ electricity supply, reducing the carbon intensity of your portfolio and strengthen your investment grade ”.

Since May 2018, when the new strategy was launched, the company has signed renewable contracts for 8,100 GWh a year in Chile and Colombia and at the end of 2023, the company will add 2,100 MW of wind, solar and hydroelectric capacity to its portfolio.

“AES Gener is committed to the sustainable development of Chile and the decarbonization process of its energy matrix. This commitment is manifested in the execution of its Greentegra strategy, with which we are transforming AES Gener into a leading renewable company, ”said Ricardo Manuel Falú, General Manager of the company.