Wind energy benefits local communities

Wind power give ‘new airs’ to local communities. Among the benefits: better infrastructure and recreational, sports and cultural activities.
Infrastructure and recreational, sports and cultural activities, are some of the benefits derived from the integral management system of the Vive Energía wind farms, in Dzilam de Bravo and Progreso, the first one inaugurated by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal in May 2019, while that the second will open its doors in the middle of this year.

In a visit to the development project called Eólica de Progreso, the director general of Vive Energía, Benigno Villarreal del Río, declared that the firm operates with a principle of maximum transparency when informing the public of its work through social networks and its Community liaison offices in both municipalities.

The objective, he said, is “to generate closeness between the community and the company, as well as to be able to develop projects and strategies for compliance with what we consider to be the company’s social obligations.”

Through its Sustainability Department, the company develops social and environmental actions based on guiding axes such as infrastructure, environment, education, health and sport, among others.

“There is no rule that forces you to a certain standard or compliance. We do it because we are convinced that these types of projects cannot move forward without going hand in hand with the communities in which they are located and to have that closeness with the communities we must be there. It is not a topic of discourse, it is a matter of presence, ”he said.

It is in this way that the company has donated three playgrounds, one in the town of Yalsihón and the other two in Dzilam de Bravo, where the Gulf Wind 1 project operates with 28 wind turbines and a generation capacity of 70 megawatts (MW) .

“The Dzilam de Bravo Culture House was remodeled and furnished by the Dzilam wind project. In addition, it was filled with content with programs and activities, and today we are developing a significant amount of cultural projects in that space that was enabled precisely for that purpose, ”said the director.

In the case of Progreso, he shared that, together with the municipality, the remodeling of the “20 de November” sports stadium is completed. In addition, the Sustainability Manager, Nancy Gamboa Mancilla, reported that this week they started the free English course for young people and adults, with 50 participants in each group, and soon the technology course will begin.
Likewise, said Gamboa Mancilla, they have a social communication scheme that includes mechanisms for attention to complaints and suggestions, while they constantly carry out environmental education campaigns in primary schools and universities, organize careers, sports tournaments, visits to the facilities and cinema thematic forums, among other actions.