Cerro Dominador concentrated solar power project has culminated another important phase

The pioneering Cerro Dominador solar thermal project has culminated another important phase in its development process with the start of salt fusion works.

This concentrating solar power project, in which MMYPEM participates, aims to build a 100MW photovoltaic plant and the first solar thermal plant in Latin America, which will have another 110MW of capacity and 17.5 hours of thermal storage.

The salts function as a storage system for excess heat during the day, allowing the generation of electrical energy during the night hours by means of the heat released by their fusion. Once the entire complex is operational, the emission of more than 870,000 tons of CO2 per year will be avoided.

With the start of these works, MMYPEM’s commitment to the Cerro Dominador project is demonstrated, the achievement of the established deadlines and the environment.