WindESCo Partners with IntelStor on Wind Energy Data Analytics

WindESCo Incorporated (“WindESCo”) headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts has signed an agreement with IntelStor LLC to provide services on data and market analysis which will complement the company’s industry leading wind turbine performance analytics and smart sensing solutions.

IntelStor will use its advanced algorithms and market analytics to evaluate the existing installed base of more than 300,000 operational wind turbines globally in order to identify candidates which can benefit from the performance enhancements which the WindESCo WeBoost, WeProtect and WeExtend services can provide.

The intent of the collaborative project is to pinpoint the wind turbines which may have historical under-performance issues and would benefit from increased power production, better loads mitigation, or asset life extension.

In talking about the partnership, WindESCo CEO Mohit Dua says “We are truly excited to undertake this collaborative effort with IntelStor. They have incredible solutions and a global asset dataset which is unrivaled in the industry. We can use the sales intelligence from the commercial market data on close to 300,000 installed wind turbines in the world to target ageing assets which are likely to underperform, and work with asset owners to extract more value and gain higher margins.”

Amongst their wide array of solutions, WindESCo offers a DNV GL approved method to quantify the increase in annual energy production by 2 – 6% on operational assets. WindESCo’s WeBoost solution combines engineering with machine learning to increase wind farm output without physical upgrades to the wind turbine, maximizing profitability for asset owners.

WeProtect is a patent-pending approach that uses the WeSense unit to map the wind conditions across the rotor and translates them into loads on major components. It then compares loads to the WeClone, our virtual turbine clone, and manages turbine operation to protect it.

WindESCo’s WeExtend uses their proprietary WeSense system to accurately determine the actual fatigue loading on major structural components like blades, hub, mainframe, mainshaft and tower. It then compares existing loads to baseline levels from the WeClone to access Remaining Useful Life.

The combination of data sets and solutions from WindESCo and IntelStor will allow asset owners to fully recognize the value of their operational assets and increase their profit margins and P90 yield.