Electric vehicle charging point number 15,000 now on the InCharge network

Vattenfall has just connected charging point number 15,000 to its international charging network InCharge.

Vattenfall just connected charging point number 15,000 to its growing InCharge network that offers a full range of solutions for charging cars at home, at work and on the go.

“It is fantastic to have now passed this milestone together with our customers and partners. Vattenfall initiated InCharge three years ago, and we are increasing our capacity significantly in the markets, where we are present, to meet the heavily increasing growth in electric vehicles”, says head of Vattenfall’s E-mobility business, Tomas Björnsson.

Depending on country, Vattenfall also provides access to tens of thousands of charging points in public spaces through international roaming agreements.  Charging point number 15,000 was installed in the Netherlands that after Norway is the fastest growing market for electric vehicles. And it is no coincidence that the new charging point gets online in the Netherlands. Vattenfall last year prolonged a tendered contract for public charging of electric cars in Amsterdam and is now operating more than 3,500 public charging points in the Dutch capital alone and almost 5,500 public charging points altogether in the country.


Making fossil-free driving possible

The transport sector is under major transformation. In the coming years all major car manufacturers will launch new fully electric and plug-in vehicles. With an increasing range, a lower total cost of ownership, and a strong regulatory push towards low-emission vehicles, a dramatic increase is expected in the number of electric vehicles on the roads. In Vattenfall’s customer markets alone, the number of electric cars increased by 37% from 2018 to 2019.

Björnsson explains: “Electric transportation is one of the main focus points of Vattenfall’s ambition to make fossil-free living possible within one generation. Imagine a world where you can drive, explore, tour, travel, transport goods, and discover the world with your car without polluting the air, negatively affecting the climate or worrying about range limits. The infrastructure needed to allow this vision to be a reality must be deployed, and we are continuously investing money and efforts in making this happen”.


The full range of charging products, services and beyond

As a large energy company, Vattenfall can offer the full range of charging products and services to our customers such as charging stations, software, service and a seamless billing experience. In addition to these services, Vattenfall in the Netherlands for instance, offer the special Flexpower programme as a trial service to owners of electric vehicles. It includes around 900 charging points that are actively steered to obtain the cheapest and fastest possible charging of our customers’ electric vehicles while at the same time supporting the electricity network for the benefit of the grid operator.

Björnsson adds: “E-mobility is a highly competitive business, and we need to keep on our toes and be innovative. That is why we are inviting companies, organisations and cities to join us as a partner to boost the number of charging points and make electric driving the natural choice through smooth charging solutions”.

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