EDP Renováveis hosts a debate on Colombia’s wind energy market

The conference was attended by representatives from the Colombian government, including the Deputy Minister of Energy, as well as other important players in the energy industry.

Reflecting on the best strategies to combat climate change through innovation and clean energy, the event highlighted Colombia’s energy potential.

EDP Renováveis, S.A. (“EDPR”)—a world leader in renewable energies and one of the world’s largest producers of wind energy—held its first Energytalks symposium in Bogotá. Exploring public and private perspectives, the conference addressed the energy sector’s current state as well as next steps. 

The event was attended by representatives with ties to the Colombian energy sector, from both private enterprises and public administration, and encouraged the debate and exchange of ideas on renewable energy in the South American country. 

João Manso Neto, CEO of EDPR, inaugurated Energytalks Bogotá 2020 with his “Vision of the Renewable Energy Market” presentation, in which he emphasized, “Colombia is an attractive country for investment thanks to its wind and solar resources, as well as its long-term legislative vision. That’s why EDPR has big development plans for the country.”

Following the presentation, participants shared their views on the current situation of the renewable energy market in Colombia and worldwide.

EDPR is one of the leading global operators in the clean energy sector, and it has identified Colombia as a priority market for growth and investment in the coming years. Furthermore, the country became EDPR’s 14th-largest market last October, when the company was awarded contracts for the trade of 490 MW of electricity over 15 years at the Colombian government’s CLPE renewable energy auction no. 02-2019.