Wind energy in Galicia, two new wind farms of Enel GP

The wind power plants of Paradela and Serra das Penas add a capacity of 50 MW and can generate 185 GWh per year. The development of these facilities responds to Endesa’s strategy of reaching 10.2 GW of renewable capacity in 2022 thanks to an investment of 3.8 billion euros, to achieve a generation mix without emissions in 2050.

Enel Green Power España (EGPE), Endesa’s renewable energy subsidiary, has connected the Paradela and Serra das Penas wind farms to the network, which it has been building in Lugo province since the end of last year, with total power 50 megawatts (MW) and an investment of 61 million euros. Paradela (12 MW) and Serra das Penas (42 MW), both in the municipality of Paradela, may generate 185 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year.

José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, said that “Endesa is already finalizing the connection to the network of the 879 renewable MW awarded in the 2017 auction, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to fulfill the commitments acquired in the Tenders This is another step in Endesa’s commitment to the production of clean energy, one of the pillars of the national energy transition policy ”.

EGPE was awarded 540 MW of wind power and 339 MW of solar energy at government auctions held in May 2017, with a total investment of more than 800 million euros. At this time, the company has already connected to the network the 339 MW of solar and 504 MW of wind, and the connection of the remaining ones, which will be ready by the end of the year, is final.

The Paradela wind plant consists of six wind turbines that provide a total power of 12 MW. It will produce about 42 GWh per year, enough to supply energy to some 10,750 families, and avoid the annual emission of 27,800 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. He was connected to the network on December 17. The City of Paradela, with 10% of the capital, participates in the shareholding of the developer of this park together with Enel Green Power España.

The Serra das Penas Park has twenty-one 2 megawatt wind turbines, with which it can produce 142 GWh / year, enough energy to supply 36,200 families. Its entry into operation will prevent the emission of 93,500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. To evacuate the energy it has been necessary to build a line of 20 kilometers in length that links the substations of the park and the Chantada; In order to reduce the impact on the ground, a helicopter was used to transport materials in the laying of a section of the same. Your network connection occurred on the 13th of this month.

These two parks are added to another connected facility in Galicia last November, the Pena Ventosa Reform, located in the municipality of O Vicedo, with 8 MW of power. In this location EGPE used for the first time in Spain prefabricated shoes to support the wind towers, which saves time and reduces the impact of the work. It will be able to generate 28 GWh / year, enough energy to supply 7,100 families. Its entry into operation will prevent, every year, the emission into the atmosphere of 16,500 tons of CO2.

In the execution of these projects, the “Sustainable Construction Site” model of Enel Green Power has been applied, including the installation of photovoltaic solar panels to cover part of the energy needs during the work. In addition, water saving measures have been adopted through the installation of deposits and rain collection systems; Once the work is finished, both photovoltaic panels and water saving equipment are donated for public use.

The construction of this renewable capacity responds to Endesa’s strategy of decarbonising its generation mix in 2050, a process that, according to the latest Strategic Plan, marks the milestone of reaching 10.2 GW of renewable installed capacity in 2022, compared to 7.4 GW estimated by the end of 2019, with a total investment of about 3.8 billion euros.

Endesa has followed a facility development model that incorporates social value creation actions for the environments in which it builds them, the so-called CSV (Creating Shared Value) model. Among the CSV actions for these three projects, the incorporation of local labor has been prioritized, as well as the hiring in the area of ??catering services and accommodation for workers. In addition, the company collaborated with the municipalities of O Vicedo, Ourol and Paradela to improve energy efficiency in its facilities, with an investment that exceeds 55,000 euros. In Paradela, renewable energy training courses were also organized to facilitate the incorporation into the labor market of residents of the area.

The municipality of Paradela was the subject of another special action, linked to the Serra das Penas park. Looking for the development of the area with the promotion of nature tourism, Enel Green Power Spain enabled a hiking route that runs along 16 kilometers, parallel to the Miño River, through places of great beauty.

With these new megawatts that have just entered into operation, Endesa adds 566 MW installed in 23 wind farms in Galicia, whose operation supports 77 jobs.