Wind power in Bolivia, Puerto Jennefer received first wind turbines

For 15 days, personnel from Puerto Jennefer dedicated themselves to unloading components for the installation of wind turbines of a Santa Cruz wind energy project.

The information was released by the National Electricity Company (ENDE) of Bolivia, which also indicated that the cargo arrived at the port on December 2.

These are the oversized components of 13 complete wind turbines and 2 without blades, which will be part of the Warnes, San Julián and El Dorado Wind farms.

This activity required the deployment of specialized equipment and personnel that focused on the task of downloading the infrastructure provided by Vestas Mediterráneas.

For ENDE, Shirley Huanca, responsible for the control of the equipment, said that “Puerto Jennefer together with the National Customs provided all the conditions to carry out this operation.”

The components traveled through the Paraguay Paraná Waterway, which represented a great experience for the companies that were part of this work.