Northwestern China uses more wind power

Five regions at the provincial level of northwestern China recorded double-digit growth in electricity generation from renewable energy such as wind energy this year after a strong investment in green energy to improve the energy mix and reduce pollution.

During the January-November period, the five regions of Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang generated 88.540 million kWh of wind electricity, an annual increase of 10.3%, according to the northwest branch of State Grid.

Meanwhile, the five regions generated 52.970 million kWh of electricity from solar energy, up 18.3%.

Electricity from wind and solar energy now contributes to a quarter of all electricity consumption in the regions, according to the Northwest State Grid branch.

In the last 10 years, the new power generation capacity in the five regions has increased almost 45 times, with several of the largest wind and solar energy projects in the country that have been built there.

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat air pollution, China has been trying to use more renewable energy to reduce its heavy dependence on polluting coal.