Wind energy in Uruguay, Nordex full maintenance of a total of 61 wind turbines

Nordex has received three new orders for the full maintenance of a total of 61 wind turbines in Uruguay and the US.

In Uruguay, Nordex will maintain 21 N117/2400 wind turbines at the Florida wind farm, near the city of Florida, about 110 kilometres north of Montevideo. The customer is Akuo. The wind turbines have been in operation since December 2014 and have been serviced by Nordex ever since. Now Akuo Energy has extended the full service for the 50.4 MW wind farm for a further five years.

The second extension of a full service contract in Uruguay is for a 50 MW wind farm comprising 20 N100/2500 wind turbines that have been in operation in Cerro Largo, in the north-east of the country, since October 2015. The extended service contract with the Nordex Group is for a further six years.

Both wind farms maintained by the Nordex Group have had availability of between 98 and 99 percent in recent years.

The third contract the Nordex Group has received is to provide Premium service for a 50 MW wind farm in Maryland, USA. The project is comprised of 20 N90/2500 wind turbines. The Nordex Group has been providing O&M services to the project since operations commenced in 2011. This extension renews the service agreement for 10 years.