Renewables associations come together to promote development

The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) has joined the commitment to develop renewable energy along with other Spanish associations, and representatives from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay. An agreement signed in the framework of the Energy Day of COP25, and with which the Spanish wind sector is identified as a key technology to lead the transition towards a more sustainable global energy model.

The agreement signed by the 12 adhered associations has as main objective to establish the main lines of collaboration to advance in the development of renewable energies in the different countries and collaborate in the sectorial strategies for the development of renewable projects.

Juan Virgilio Márquez, CEO of the Spanish Wind Energy Association, stressed that “the signing of the collaboration commitment between renewable energy associations is another step to achieve successful results in the decarbonization of our economies, increase the weight of renewables and help Fight the climatic emergency. Precisely, the COP25 framework is the ideal one to endorse with this firm that the challenge of climate change is global and, therefore, the approaches have to cross borders. The increase in wind power in the world for the next 10 years will be exponential and agreements such as the one signed today are stimuli for the development of the wind sector and renewable energy as a whole.

José Ignacio Escobar, representative of Chile in the agreement and President of ACERA, an entity that assumes the General Coordination of the alliance, said after the signing that “this milestone marks a starting point in what will be a joint effort in more than eight countries , through associations whose main objective is to promote renewable energy, sustainability and decarbonization to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and improve the quality of life of people. This alliance, in addition to being an instance to share good practices, will be a support to promote investments in renewable energies in Latin America and promote regulatory frameworks that are similar and consistent with the environmental and social policies of each of the countries. We are very happy and motivated with this first signature, which, we hope, is the first step in a long joint effort. ”

Renewable energies are the protagonists of the energy transition, and with it the reduction of emissions from the industry. In addition to contributing to the fight against global warming, clean energy is also a fundamental factor in local decontamination. The Ibero-American firm developed at COP25 is only the first step in consolidating this Renewable Network, which aims to continue expanding with the entry of new associations and countries.
Top photo: From left to right, José Ignacio Escobar, representative of Chile in the Agreement and president of the Chilean Association of Renewable Energies and Storage (ACERA), together with Juan Virgilio Márquez, general director of AEE.
Bottom photo: Representatives of the different renewable associations in the signing of the Agreement.
The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) is the voice of the wind sector in Spain and defends its interests. With nearly 200 associated companies, it represents more than 90% of the sector in the country, which includes developers, manufacturers of wind turbines and components, national and regional associations, organizations linked to the sector, consultants, lawyers and financial and insurance entities, among others.