Estonia and Latvia plan joint offshore wind farm development

The Estonian and Latvian states are planning a joint offshore wind power plant in the Gulf of Riga, aimed at contributing to electricity grid security in both countries.

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure Taavi Aas met with his Latvian counterpart Ralfs Nemiro in Latvia to discuss the matter.

A common offshore wind farm could bring significant economic benefits, and contribute to security of electricity supply for both countries.

“It is extremely important for the Baltic region to work together as a strong union, and I am very pleased that we have finally succeeded in reaching active cooperation between Latvia and Estonia in developing a common renewable energy source,” Nemiro said.

Both ministers agreed on the need to move forward with the wind energy project and decided that the next step was to lay down the main foundations for cooperation.

The meeting coincided with a summit of all three Baltic States’ prime ministers in Riga, where cooperation on the Rail Baltic project, as well as electricity and gas grid synchronization, and obtaining better terms for the countries’ agricultural sectors under the 2021-2027 EU budgetary period, were discussed.

State-owned electricity generator Eesti Energia operates close to two dozen wind farms via its Enefit Green subsidiary. Private sector wind farm developers in Estonia are currently locked in controversy surrounding claims that their wind turbines could interfere with defense ministry radar.