YPF Luz starts moving wind turbines from its wind farm in Cañadón Seco

This wind energy project, which includes the construction of a transformer station, an interconnection line in 132kv of 3 km and another line of 50 km in length, demands an investment of approximately 160 million dollars and renewable energy generation of 122 MW of power
YPF Luz (YPF Energía Eléctrica SA) is progressing in the construction of its Cañadón León wind farm in the province of Santa Cruz and, as of this week, it begins the transfer of the main components for the first 19 wind turbines from Puerto Deseado to Cañadón Seco .

This project, which includes the construction of a transformer station, an interconnection line in 132kv of 3km and another line of 50km in length, will require an investment of approximately 160 million dollars and will generate renewable energy of 122 MW of power, the equivalent of cover the energy needs of about 150,000 homes.
The convoy that will transport the equipment will be accompanied by the local Transit Directorate from the port to the exit of the city. Then, the Provincial Agency for Road Safety, Provincial Roads, Local Police and an escort car assisted him from the exit of the city to the entrance to the site.

The transfer, which will last approximately three months, will move between 7 and 13 hours. and from the Port of Deseado by the RN281, passing through the town of Jaramillo, RN3, passing through the town of Fitz Roy, RP43, bypass of Truncated Peak and RP12 to the access to the Cañadón León Wind Farm.

The trucks that transport the equipment have a length of 76 meters that contain blades, sections of towers and other components corresponding to the wind turbines to be installed.

We ask that the drivers who circulate on these routes take the necessary precautionary measures and respect the signs of respect.

YPF Luz thanks the collaboration of the residents of Puerto Deseado and surrounding towns and apologizes for the inconvenience they may cause during transfers.

The park includes the installation of 29 wind turbines in an area of ??1870 hectares and with a capacity factor of 53%, an extremely high efficiency level when the world average is around 25%.

Through the Cañadón León Wind Farm, YPF Luz will have 101 MW for the Wholesale Electricity Market awarded through the RenovAR 2 program and 21 MW for large users, thus contributing to the country’s industrial and sustainable development.

The work transformed the extension of the Santa Cruz Norte substation in Truncated Peak, increasing its transformation capacity by 150MW to be able to dispense the energy generated by the Park to the trunk system of distribution in high voltage. In addition, YPF Luz is building the Santa Cruz Norte-Caleta Olivia line of 132kV and 53km in length, with the connection of the park and the cities in the area that allows the improvement of the electricity supply of its inhabitants. This last work is financed by the Administration Committee of the Federal Electric Transportation Trust Fund (CAF) and the Province of Santa Cruz.

From the point of view of environmental sustainability, the generation of wind energy from this park means a reduction of 5.8 million tons of CO2 emissions in 20 years, with respect to the same energy production through a thermal power plant, This is equivalent to saving 56,800 m3 of diesel or 89 million m3 of natural gas per year.