The twenty-fifth climate summit (COP25) has started this morning in Madrid

The twenty-fifth climate summit (COP25) has started this morning in Madrid with an emergency call to promote action with climate change and a commitment from Brussels to propose the first transition law towards climate neutrality. Endesa, a diamond sponsor of this COP 25, has been present at the official opening of this event that, under the presidency of Chile, has precisely the main objective of preparing the ground for the more than 200 participating countries to present specific individual and collective contributions for the fight against climate change.

In addition to reviewing the ambition of the countries and adjusting it to the levels required by the Paris Agreement, the summit will attempt to ensure that the Parties increase their climate ambition and achieve the fixed objective of global climate financing.

During these days, Endesa will collaborate very actively, as well as a large number of governments, institutions and observers, to ensure that the Conference of the Parties of Madrid is as effective as possible in its objective of combating climate change. In fact, the official headquarters of the company (on Ribera del Loira Street, 60) will become one of the side events of the COP25, and will host numerous official activities as well as events parallel to the summit (see Endesa’s agenda ).

Endesa’s collaboration at COP25 stems from the company’s commitment to the process of ecological transition and the fight against climate change. On the road to decarbonization, Endesa is firmly committed to renewable energy, the circular economy and sustainable mobility to achieve a new emission-free energy model.

In this, the company is in line with the strategy of the Enel Group, to which it belongs, as this has given evidence of its firm commitment to decarbonization and sustainability, as axes of the fight against climate change. The Group, which is the leading private company in renewable energies on an international scale, has publicly committed to SDG 13 of the United Nations, which will involve decarbonization of 100% of its energy mix in 2050, with a roadmap that sets ambitious objectives in intermediate periods such as 2020, 2030 and 2040.

In the strategic plan of Endesa 2019-2022, presented last Wednesday, Endesa has taken a great step forward in the transformation of the company towards a sustainable company and has substantially reinforced its commitment to renewable generation, approving an investment of 3.8 billion euros in these technologies during that period. Today, 40% of Endesa’s generation park is renewable, with about 7.4 GW at the end of 2019, compared to 28% 5 years ago. This change in the generation mix will allow Endesa’s emission-free production to reach approximately 85% in 2022.