What’s next for Global Wind Energy Council Asia?

By: Raveen Singh, Business Development and Events Operations Manager, Global Wind Energy Council Asia

Before my role at GWEC Asia as a Business Development and Operations Manager. I held various posts with various commercial event company leading businesses of several renewable energy exhibitions in the South East Asia region. Since working at Global Wind Energy Council over the past few months, I have had a truly eye-opening experience. It has been interesting to see how policy discussions that drive the wind and other renewable energy market developments are being shaped and transformed into concrete market momentum. Looking forward, South East Asia (SEA) promises to be an exciting region for wind development and as part of the GWEC SEA Task Force, it’s appealing to witness how GWEC is stepping up its activities to change the policy landscape in some key markets in the region. Bringing my expertise in events into GWEC has been fulfilling, as events are crucial to the building of the wind industry as they provide a platform to bring all the key stakeholders under one roof to discuss the opportunities and challenges in specific countries and regions.

Many people have asked me why GWEC is organising events all around the world and what differentiates a GWEC event from others organised by commercial entities. The answer is simple: GWEC events are organised by the industry, for the industry. On top of this crucial pillar, there are two more fundamental reasons that differentiate GWEC events: high-level government interactions and we are a non-profit organisation providing a voice for the global wind industry.

Firstly, GWEC brings in high-level government stakeholders to all our events who have influence and decision-making power on regulations and policies impacting the wind industry, with many of our events receiving official endorsement for government authorities. Our events are where you should be if you prefer to gain first-hand knowledge and influence in policy development and network with government representatives in markets that hold high potential for your company.

For example, the Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan is the only wind industry event in Taiwan that has the full endorsement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). Vietnam Offshore Roundtable which was part of Vietnam Wind Power 2019, is one of the first events to bring both industry and government stakeholders around the same table to discuss offshore policy needs in Vietnam. We are very proud to have had MOIT, EVN, MONRE and 9 DOITs take part in the discussion which will provide the roadmap to building up an offshore industry in Vietnam.

Secondly, by attending or sponsoring GWEC events, your investment goes directly to building up the global wind industry. As a non-profit organisation, any profits made in GWEC events are channelled to GWEC’s work to conduct policy lobby and research work and towards capacity building of local wind and renewables associations to ensure the long-term success of the industry in a particular market.

Over the past few months, GWEC’s events and marketing team have put together our 2020 events calendar focusing our efforts in key emerging markets. While GWEC events are all over the world, I would like to take this chance to share with you about our Asia events in 2020. Ready?

1. Global Offshore Wind Summit – Taiwan 2020 (21-23 April, Taipei): This three-day event will address the current challenges and opportunities for Taiwan’s offshore wind market and further opportunities emerging in other Asian markets. The programme includes a visit to the Formosa Offshore Wind Farm and TIPC Ports Facilities, a first-class conference programme featuring a CEO Forum, Mayor’s Session and High-Level Finance Forum as well as technical sessions to highlight the latest technology development in the industry. Find Out More about GOWS TW 2020

2. Vietnam Wind Power 2020 (9-10 June, Hanoi): In addition to the two-day conference, we also plan to organise a dedicated discussion around grid infrastructure and building up the regional grid infrastructure to accommodate more wind energy, as well as a day which puts the spotlight on offshore wind potential in Vietnam. Find Out More about VWP 2020

3. Global Offshore Wind Summit Japan 2020 (early October): This brand-new event, co-organised with the Japanese Wind Power Association (JWPA), will focus on what opportunities exist for offshore wind in Japan, and how the industry and government stakeholders alike can unlock these opportunities.

4. China Wind Power 2020 and the Beijing Renewable Energy Investment Summit (13-16 October, Beijing): Following the success of the first edition of the Beijing Renewable Energy Investment Summit this year, this event will be back next year as part of China Wind Power 2020, one of the biggest industry events in the world with nearly 60,000 visitors in this year’s edition. As China is in the top spot for both new onshore and offshore installations, this event will look at how the global industry can take advantage of business opportunities in the Chinese market as well as wider investment trends that are shaping the energy transition.

So, mark your calendars for these important events in 2020, and let’s work together to open new markets for wind in Asia!