Work in the wind power sector: The Accademia del Vento’s first courses have started in Rome

Enel Green Power is a supporter of the first year of the “Accademia del Vento”, which opened its doors on Monday, October 14th at the ELIS center in Rome. Fifteen students are training to become certified wind farm maintenance professionals.

Wind power has and will continue to play a central role in the energy transition. Building new wind farms and maintaining the existing ones requires an increasing number of qualified personnel.

That’s why Enel Green Power joined ELIS’s project in Rome to support the first Accademia del Vento, which began on Monday, October 14th.

Fifteen students – the maximum number of enrollees – started their “Certified Wind Farm Maintenance Professional” course: 5 months in the classroom divided into 14 weeks of basic and 6 weeks of specialized training. The latter will start in February 2020.

Students must fully master the principles of wind farm operation and maintenance and become familiar with wind turbine gear boxes, composite materials and blades.

Upon completing the curriculum, they will receive a certification from the GWO (Global Wind Organization) that covers working at height, CPR, fire safety and cargo handling.

They will benefit from field training at the ELIS center, which has several wind nacelles supplied by EGP, and will also use drones for non-invasive maintenance simulations to avoid affecting the status of the wind mills.

EGP immediately joined the Accademia del Vento project because it is fully aware of the opportunities a strongly growing sector like renewables can have on job creation. Specializing in wind farm maintenance is a fantastic chance for young Italians, especially in southern Italy, to have rewarding careers and find work close to home.

The Accademia del Vento is endorsed by Enel Green Power, IVPC, ERG, E2I, and E.ON., is sponsored by Elettricità Futura and ANEV (National Wind Energy Association) and actively collaborates with OTI Group. The certification program will be offered annually. Find out more about the first Training Course for Wind Farm Maintenance Professionals.