Wind power accounts for 14 percent of Sweden’s demand

W ind energy accounts for 14 percent of Sweden’s energy demand, and another 4.2 gigawatts (GW) are already under construction, a report released today by Windeurope revealed.

The association promoting the generation of electricity through wind in Europe also estimated that the country has made great progress in recent years because, having less than four GW in capacity of this type of energy in 2012, almost doubled that amount in the present.

Sweden has a national goal of generating 100 percent renewable electricity by 2040 but, to achieve this, wind would need to increase to an annual output of at least 90 terawatts per hour.

According to Windeuorpe, this would require more than 18 thousand 400 million euros of additional investments.

The country needs to implement concrete changes if it wishes to realize its ambitions, said the CEO of the organization, Giles Dickson.

To achieve this purpose, the report mentioned that the nation needs to invest in its network and interconnections, and confirm the arrangements for its offshore network, or offshore, as soon as possible.

98 percent of Sweden’s current wind power capacity is on land.

Therefore, the information added, taking advantage of the country’s marine resources is essential to achieve the goal of zero net carbon dioxide emissions by 2045.