Viesgo opens a new wind power plant in El Marquesado

Viesgo inaugurates its wind farm, in El Marquesado, in the area of ??Puerto Real, one of the most important wind energy projects of the company, in which it has invested 23 million euros.

The president of Viesgo, Miguel Antoñanzas welcomed the attendees, including the General Secretary of Industry, Energy and Mines, Natalia González Hereza, and the first lieutenant mayor of Puerto Real, Carlos Salguero, who also addressed a few words to The guests.

With the inauguration of El Marquesado, Viesgo is committed to a clean and modern business model that allows it to achieve European energy targets for discharge, electrification of the world economy and total integration of renewable energies. This new wind farm is number 23 on the list of Viesgo wind farms in Spain and Portugal and represents another step in the portfolio of clean energy projects within the environmental commitment that electricity has assumed. Viesgo has assumed a flexible and efficient generation strategy that combines innovation and digitalization of its systems and procedures with the aim of promoting the energy transition. In this way, it is about contributing to the progressive development of a decarbonised energy system by 2050, a priority objective for both the European Union and the Government of Spain.

Viesgo is the fourth distribution operator in Spain. According to the data that appears in its company profile, it supplies electricity through an infrastructure of 31,300 kilometers of network to more than 695,000 families. In addition, it has a generating park of 1,400 megawatts throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

The wind turbines that make up the El Marquesado wind farm have an intelligent system that allows them to automatically reduce the generation power based on the increase in temperature, which is usually very high at the site. “In this way,” they explain from the company, “with an outside temperature of forty degrees Celsius (40 ° C), the generation power is reduced to 1.8 megawatts, instead of its nominal power of 3.4 MW, so it is possible to generate energy in situations where a regular wind turbine could not do it. ” Seven are the wind turbines that make up the El Marquesado park: 3.46 MW, 132 meters of rotor diameter and 97 meters high.