Investments in wind energy and other renewable in Colombia already total US $ 500 million

The interest generated by the development of non-conventional renewable energy like wind power in the country is already reflected in investments totaling US $ 500 million. Although there are still a large number of projects that are on the table, the truth is that the high geographical potential of the country projects that this type of energy could become one of the sectors that will most mark foreign investment in the next decade.

This was demonstrated in the most recent balance of the Association of Renewable Energies (SER Colombia), that beyond exposing the environmental benefits of these alternatives, revealed that only in La Guajira there are already 50 projects under development, which, if materialized , would bring an investment that amounts to US $ 7,000 million in the medium term.

And it is that the role that this territory plays in the promotion of wind or solar energy is already considered as the next oil Cusiana, one of the largest oil fields in the country and which has left great tax benefits to the nation. “There is a very important wind potential in La Guajira. For every megawatt that is made, $ 1 million is left. There are already companies that have shown interest in that region, so in the coming years we will see significant investments in that territory, ”said Germán Corredor, director of SER Colombia.
The manager confirmed, following the next October energy auction, that there are already at least 12 wind projects that meet the conditions of the Mining – Energy Planning Unit (Upme) to participate in this bid. Although he did not reveal the exact number of how many will be solar, he warned that next week the Ministry of Mines and Energy will publish the list with all the projects.

It is estimated, according to some guild projections, that more than 60 projects of all kinds would participate. However, the figure could be higher if it is taken into account that currently, according to Upme records, there are more than 425 projects that already have the endorsement of the entity for its development.

If the diversification of the energy matrix is ??achieved with these types of alternatives, the country could go from less than 2% participation in unconventional to almost 8% or 10%. That figure would not only reduce dependence on hydraulic or thermal sources, but also open the possibility for greater employment generation. This is because only in the construction of a wind turbine up to 100 people are needed for its development and 20 for maintenance.

“The construction of a wind farm generates employment and development opportunities for the regions. It is estimated, for example, that with all the development in places like La Guajira, 2,000 kilometers of (energy) networks and more than 500 kilometers of roads will be built, ”concluded Felipe de Gamboa, representative of Vestas, a wind turbine company.