Wind power in Yucatán: wind turbines arrive for Progreso Wind Farm

Dr. Benigno Villarreal del Río, General Director of the Vive Energía Company and President of the Peninsular Renewable Energy Group (APER) announced that yesterday the first components of the Progreso Wind Farm arrived in Yucatán, a project called “Energy Renewable of the Peninsula ”.

This wind farm that materializes with Mexican and Sino-European investment, is the second project developed in the Yucatan Peninsula by Envision Energy and Vive Energía. It is the largest peninsular wind project so far, with an investment of approximately 155 million dollars, to be located in the Municipality of Progreso, Yucatán.

The new wind farm of Progreso will help mitigate the complex problem of electrical energy that the Yucatan Peninsula is experiencing. With the Dzilam Wind Farm and now the Progreso Wind Farm; Vive Energía and Envision Energy consolidate the operation of 160 MW of wind power in the Yucatan Peninsula, contributing together more than 500 GWh to the national electricity system; projects that are finally put at the service of the National Energy Control Center, thus collaborating with the Federal Electricity Commission in the enormous task of providing the Yucatan Peninsula with the energy it requires for its development.

With both projects, the emission of approximately 263,500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year will be avoided, which is equivalent to withdrawing approximately 144,000 cars every year. With this, Yucatan contributes in a very important way so that our country can fulfill the commitments made with the international community in the fight against climate change.

The transfer of the components to the Progreso Wind Farm is expected in the coming days; The area of ??social responsibility of the Renewable Energy company of the Peninsula in coordination with the local and federal authorities, will be making the necessary steps to ensure a safe, efficient and smooth transportation.

Although the shipment arrived yesterday, Tuesday, September 3, it will begin to unload in the course of next week, being the first of 4 ships that will bring the 36 Envision Energy brand wind turbines necessary for the construction of the Progreso Wind Farm Renewable Energy Company of the Peninsula; winner of the First and Second Long-Term Electric Power Auction of the Wholesale Electricity Market.

    The cargo ship Mv Kota Bakti, which measures 161.33 meters in length (length) and a height of 52.30 meters; He left on July 24 from the port of Taicang, in the Chinese province of Jiangsu, where 89 packages of pieces were shipped. Later on July 28, 28 additional packages were shipped from the Chinese port of Tianjin; reaching a total of 117 packages of parts of 9 wind turbines, with a total weight of 4,657.4 tons.
    The trip through the Pacific Ocean lasted just over a month, passing through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean Sea, to finally reach the Port of Progreso, Yucatan. A trip of more than 21 thousand kilometers.
    The wind turbine model to be used in this park is the same as the one installed in the Dzilam Wind Farm, EN-110 / 2.5, with a unit generation capacity of 2.5 MW. Each tower is composed of five sections of tubes, a hub or rotor, three blades and the engine or engine. The towers are 120 meters high, while the blades reach 55 meters in length each.